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Revolut shifts to permanent remote working model

In the move, the company is looking to convert its office space into staff collaboration areas


Revolut shifts to permanent remote working model. Source:

Revolut is changing its working policy, according to Under the new policy, the challenger financial services provider will accommodate permanent remote working.

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the company, which has 2,000 employees, shifted its workforce to work from home.

A survey on the Revolut staff showed that most employees enjoy working remotely. For instance, 86% stated that they enjoy the schedule since they do not have to commute to work while 60% stated that the move provided for an improved work/life balance. Also, 92% noted that their productivity has not been affected by working remotely, and has, in fact, increased.

Despite this, there is a desire to spend some time in the office. Two-thirds of the employees preferred the option of being able to work from the office when they wanted to.

In a bid to enhance the collaboration between the employees, the company is re-developing its office space. Existing offices will be converted to Rev Labs. These will enhance team-work and in-person collaboration between the staff, a vital move in the tech start-up sector.

We’ve reported that Revolut looks to enter the Indian market with a money transfer service.


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