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Russian yachts and mansions wanted for $5 million reward


Russian yachts and mansions wanted for $5 million reward. Source:

In a series of various financial and economic sanctions on Russia from Europe and the US, the latter has launched a program, which offers up to $5 000 000 for information on Russian oligarchs’ property and assets.

The Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Rewards Program from the U.S. Congress was established in order to

“combat foreign government corruption and serve United States efforts to identify and recover stolen assets, forfeit proceeds of corruption, and, where appropriate and feasible, return those stolen assets or proceeds to the country harmed by the acts of corruption”.

Under this program every individual who provides any piece of information regarding the program’s targets will be rewarded. Currently, the U.S. are in the search of Russian oligarch’s yachts, private jets, mansions and penthouses, all in response to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.

Other targets are also information related to bribes paid by Odebrecht S.A. (a global construction conglomerate based in Brazil) and Braskem S.A. ( Brazilian petrochemical company), who were charged by authorities in the United States, Brazil and Switzerland after scheming to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes to government officials around the world, and information linked to corruption involving the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Malaysia, known as 1MDB, the largest kleptocracy case to date.

The information required does not have to be related to a specifically identified corruption case and can be submitted through the Contact Us options listed on the program’s page on the U.S. Treasury website.


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