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Shopify launches POS adapted to post-COVID-19 world

The new solution is completely free until October 31, 2020

Shopify POS

Shopify launches POS adapted to post-COVID-19 world. Source:

Shopify introduced POS that will help brick-and-mortar retailers increase sales and reopen stores amid the pandemic.

As to the major advantages, the platform enables local customers to get their orders securely without even leaving their car with a “curbside pickup” option.

Along with that, Shopify POS gives full visibility into the clients’ daily sales, average order value and number of items per order across every store. It also provides an overview of customers’ top-performing products, including who on staff has the best sales record.

Besides, customers can also promote the top-selling products they think are essential for their business. From now on, they can easily pinpoint which items to prioritize selling.

What is more, new staff roles and permissions give customers detailed control over what data and workflows are available to individual team members.

In addition to that, POS allows sell products from any of the customers’ stores and ship them directly to a client.

We’ve reported that Shopify introduced a digital shopping assistant. This way, a digital shopping assistant called Shop, enables customers to speed through checkout, track their order and shipment details.


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