Singapore keeps testing new technologies amid coronacrisis

The government’s investments play a major role in enhancing technological capabilities of Singapore’s healthcare system

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Singapore keeps testing new technologies amid coronacrisis. Source:

GlobalData found that Singapore keeps developing COVID-19 testing technologies such as fast-track swab test kits, automated temperature screenings, and contact tracing apps. All of these are expected to help in fighting the crisis.

The report also highlighted the main areas of the country’s healthcare sector where technology plays a key role:

  • telemedicine
  • electronic health records
  • patient solutions
  • medical diagnostics
  • health management solutions
  • personal health
  • fitness
  • medical education

According to a statement, Singapore acknowledged the COVID-19 crisis early by imposing border closures, and by initiating strict testing measures. The reason for that is the previous experience in combatting the SARS outbreak in 2003.

Therefore, the country has been presented as an example to other nations around the world for its efforts to contain the outbreak in the early stages.

Though Singapore did almost everything right to contain the virus by acting earlier than many other nations, a surge in the number of cases is seen in recent days indicating how easily the virus is able to hit back. Other nations whose curve has flattened must see this as a caution and act accordingly to fight the battle against the pandemic and avoid further disruption
Pratibha Thammanabhatla, Medical Devices Analyst at GlobalData

We’ve reported that the coronavirus pandemic could cost the global economy more than $8.8 trillion.


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