Sony develops remote control robots through new partnership

The next-generation remote control robots can be used in offices, stores, and homes

Sony AI and avatarin

Sony develops remote control robots through new partnership. Source:

Sony AI entered into an agreement with avatarin of ANA Group, air transportation services company, to develop remote control robots.

According to a statement, these avatar robots are anticipated to play a key role in situations where autonomous robots have barriers to safe and cost-effective deployment.

Sony revealed it will use machine learning, robotics, sensing, and actuator device technology, whereas avatarin is going to provide its remote-controlled robot technology.

This way, both companies will jointly investigate the development and deployment of next-generation avatar robots.

Avatars or remote-controlled robots enable many types of work and communication without the physical presence of humans. For the full-scale deployment of avatars, we need to combine a wide range of technologies such as robotics, sensors, AI, user interaction, and high-speed communication networks, in addition to the fleet management and service management know-how to operate avatar fleets consistently and reliably. It is also expected that there will be an increasing demand for various remote robotic solutions that can perform physical tasks, especially in high-risk environments and situations where human contact and movement are restricted. Through collaboration with avatarin, Sony AI aims to establish a new social foundation for avatars and raise the level of social life
Hiroaki Kitano, CEO of Sony AI 

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