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South African bank warns about coronavirus cash scam

The bank announced it is not withdrawing notes and coins due to coronavirus outbreak


South African bank warns about coronavirus cash scam. Source:

The South African Reserve Bank (Sarb) has warned its customers about people with fake IDs going from house to house and taking so-called contaminated banknotes.

The report reveals that the criminals are coming to people’s homes saying Sarb is collecting infected money from the public. They carry fake bank’s IDs and provide false receipts in lieu of the collected notes.

If members of the public are approached by individuals purporting to be Sarb employees or representatives, to hand in their cash, they should refuse and contact local police
The South African Reserve Bank

Besides, the South African Reserve Bank disproves the fact that banknotes can be contagious and transmit COVID-19. Sarb stated that there currently is no evidence that the Covid-19 virus is transmitted through the use of banknotes and coin.




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