Revolut to launch app for children

Revolut provides an easy way to teach kids essential financial skills for life

Revolut Junior

Revolut to launch app for children. Source:

The company has launched Revolut Junior account for young people aged 7-17. This way, kids will be able to develop healthy money habits under the guidance of their parents or guardians.

Although, the Junior account can only be set up and funded by a parent or guardian with an existing Revolut account. In addition to that parents or guardians are in power to control Junior account holder’s security features

Revolut has also enabled Instant notifications to parent or guardian’s phone when Junior card is used.

Revolut Junior launches with plenty of great features, but you know us, we’re always looking ahead. In the coming months, we’ll introduce additional budgeting features to Junior, setting up a recurring weekly allowance, as well as the opportunity for kids to create vaults, to help them save for their goals and passions. We also plan on introducing Revolut Junior outside of the UK, too



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