Study unveils reasons why employees leave their jobs

Almost 1,000 workers were asked to rate reasons that would affect their decision to quit based on a scale of importance


Study unveils reasons why employees leave their jobs. Source:

CareerAddict conducted a study, revealing that a lack of progression would influence people’s decision to leave their jobs.

A lack of career further opportunities, followed by low pay and the absence of a salary raise, named as three main factors to the decision to leave. At the same time, 35% of people surveyed revealed they would consider returning back if they were offered a better salary or a higher position.

We wanted to truly uncover what exactly pushed workers over the edge. Our findings were quite fascinating, showing that the modern workforce is more complex than ever, with job satisfaction and progression proving vitally important
Christopher Thoma, Project Manager of CareerAddict

The study revealed that 53% of people surveyed said they felt discriminated against by their superior, 61% of which were women. Along with that, 1 in 4 people said they felt discriminated due to their gender, 76% of whom were women.


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