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Survey reveals Americans’ traveling plans for festive season

Americans are more likely to spend time with family rather than visit New Year’s party in 2020

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Survey reveals Americans’ traveling plans for festive season. Source:

According to the research by, 46% of Americans are going to travel for the December vacation.

COVID-19 increasingly influences travel decisions and encourages 66% of travelers to use their own vehicles rather than flying or using public transportation. While the virus cases keep on rising across the country, the number of Americans planning to travel for New Year’s holidays is declining.

Many people are staying home for the holidays as suspected, and those who are traveling will continue to rely on their personal vehicle. For most holiday travelers, the decision to drive is no longer primarily influenced by cost or convenience, but safety and security. has been tracking travel plans since October and has steadily seen the number of New Year's travelers dwindle. This could mean that people are unwilling to give up time with family but more likely to pass on this year's New Year's party
Jenni Newman, editor-in-chief’s holiday poll asked more than 1,000 Americans about their travel plans for December and compared the results to’s 2020 Thanksgiving Travel Survey.

The top 2020 December holiday travel trends:

  • Travelers prefer cars to planes and trains. Due to the fact that the majority of travelers use private cars, only 30% of travelers fly, 11% travel by train, 9% travel by bus, and 7% use taxi services.
  • COVID-19 affects travel in December more than Thanksgiving. In December, 66% of Americans’ travel plans were changed due to the coronavirus pandemic, up from 54% reported on Thanksgiving. Only 33% of Americans plan to travel on New Year, up from 41% when asked in October.
  • There is a surge in tourist travel in major cities. Thanksgiving travelers (44%) avoided big cities, compared with 28% of travelers traveling in December. The three largest cities for vacationers included New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.
  • There is expected the overburden on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. The busiest travel days are December 23 from 6 am to 9 am and December 24 from 9 am to noon Central Time.

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