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Swiss e-commerce in 2020 was 3 times higher than in previous years

E-commerce in Switzerland accounts for 14.2% of total retail

Switzerland e-commerce

Swiss e-commerce in 2020 was three times higher than in previous years. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, e-commerce in Switzerland has achieved significant growth last year. The value of goods ordered online and through distance selling increased by 25.8% to 13.3 billion Swiss francs, which corresponds to 12.18 billion euros.

The report found that the growth of e-commerce in Switzerland in 2020 was around three times higher than in previous years. And when compared to the total volume of Swiss retailers, the value of e-commerce orders at home and abroad accounts for 14.2%. This was 11.5% one year earlier.

These figures come from the Commerce Report Switzerland 2021 from Datatrans. This study also found that the top 30 business-to-consumer online shops in Switzerland managed to increase their turnover by 25.7 precent last year, compared to the top 30 of 2019.

Even though they were not able to expand their market share of around 60%, this alone is a great achievement in terms of volume for already very large providers and without preparations having been made

The study is based on a survey among 29 online and multi-channel retailers in Switzerland with a combined ecommerce volume of around 2.93 billion euros. Most participants expect the level of online sales to remain stable even after public life normalizes. As a result, many retailers have shifted their focus and are expanding their digital offerings.

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