Walmart to provide digital COVID-19 vaccine record

The record can be accessed by scanning the QR code


Walmart to provide digital COVID-19 vaccine record. Source:

Walmart plans on creating a digital wallet detailing coronavirus vaccine records. The digital wallet will only be available for individuals who got the vaccine through a vaccine event run by Walmart, Walmart or Sam’s Club pharmacy.

This comes as states and countries create digital avenues for individuals to prove that they are fully vaccinated without using manual records. Walmart customers can store their vaccination certificates on or in a pharmacy account.

The vaccine records can be shared or printed. The wallet will list an individual’s birth date, name, vaccination date, vaccine manufacturer, location and the lot number.

The COVID-19 vaccine record can be accessed by scanning the QR code. Family records’ bundling is underway, which will ease the storage of these records for families.

The digital wallet provides an avenue for people to track their vaccination records privately. Walmart is utilizing the vaccination records Initiative’s SMART standard. This allows individuals to share their vaccination records with compatible services in line with HIPAA privacy provisions.

EU members have started issuing coronavirus vaccine passports under the EU COVID-19 certificate. So far, Germany has issued over five million passports.

We’ve reported that EU Digital Covid Certificate goes live.


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