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The Blockchain Day 2018 is kicking off in Paris – live coverage

High-Level speakers are sharing their opinions on what is the future of crypto and blockchain in France and worldwide

The Blockchain Day 2018 is kicking off in Paris – live coverage. Source:

Right now the first official Paris Blockchain Day is taking place. We will keep you updated on any important statements speakers will make during the Morning Agenda of the event. Stay Tuned!

9:05 AM

In his opening speech Pierre Person, a French political figure who specialized in the regulation of virtual currencies – Député de la 6° circonscription de Paris, gave a glimpse of crypto regulation in France. He mentioned that 3 brakes were lifted: banking access, taxation of crypto actives, and labeling of ICOs. The speaker promised “a stable and legible, balanced” taxation regime on crypto-assets with the PFU (Prélèvement Forfaitaire Unique, single-rate tax) of 30% for individuals. Reportedly, crypto exchanges will not be taxed.

This year’s Keynote Speaker believes that his children will be kids of the blockchain and not of the Internet. He also thinks that the blockchain will have a strong impact on governments and democracy, giving the power back to the individuals. The politician also stated that blockchain may give a new start in the economic race, especially for France and more generally Europe, which has fallen behind in the financing and development of digital technologies.

In general, Pierre Person calls France a crypto-friendly nation.

9:30 AM

Participants of the Round Table “The cold hard truth behind ICOs” discussed what is the criteria for analyzing an ICO project. Business Development and Growth Hacking Specialist at Huobi Global Chern Chung says “It’s not just about fundraising, but also about getting the right partner. Work with the right people to get financial support!”

10:00 AM

CTO & founder Neufund Marcin Rudolf is sharing his view on tokenomics. In his opinion, tokens must be used for creating value that needs to be delivered to the network players.

10:15 AM

Marten Nelson, co-founder and CMO at is giving an overview of payments at Round Table “No more middle-man? The future of money”. He believes that financial institutional models won’t change. “They’ll change how they issue money, how they track, bringing in AML issues”, said the speaker.

Balazs Deme stated: “The adoption of #crypto will be really slow, banks are digitalizing. But I am also excited about the borderless money, looking forward to decentralized exchanges”.

Paul Bougnoux, associate Founder of Largillière Finance & ICO Expert at Psion Finance & Olymp Capital: “we need to build a regulation, we need a middleman, regulators, and rules. We will have new actors, new middle-men”. He is sure that tomorrow fintech actors won’t need to have a bank.

11:15 AM

President at Ledger Pascal Gauthier is highlighting Ledger’s Vault enterprise solution for both big and small financial institutions. In his speech, he called crypto “the easiest assets to sell ever”.

“With the security solutions for crypto-assets as we develop them, the big financial players will be able to come into play and there will be a cryptocurrency boom as of 2020”, said Pascal Gauthier.

12:00 PM

The “Case Study 1 – Applying Blockchain To Your Industry” became a platform for BCDiploma‘s presentation. It is a service that certifies and stores degrees on the blockchain. BCDiploma’s COO Alexis Berolatti said: “We don’t create a new service, we help to solve problems that existed for years. Solutions without blockchain exist, but blockchain technology brings a better service”.

“Public chain is an absolute must. Otherwise, there is no trust” noted Fabian Vogelsteller, founder at Lukso, when talking about private vs. public chain on Ethereum. “I think there will be more and more context-specific blockchains, bringing together a network of people and entities, and it’s a great way to learn blockchain”, he added.

12:30 PM

Round Table “Smart Contracts, Traceability & Product Quality” gathered international experts to discuss the pros & cons and the potential of Smart Contracts.

Marc Gardette, director at Microsoft, believes that killing the intermediaries is not the biggest business value addressed by blockchains. Describing the industry, he noted: “The tech is ready, we need humans!”.


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