Top 10 most popular blockchain professions

Top 10 most popular blockchain-based jobs offered on the labor market today

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Today, it is hard to find somebody who uses the internet and hasn’t heard about blockchain. This “technology of the new era” has taken its place on the tech agenda. Moreover, the idea about its “magic solutions” to almost all problems in all sectors is deeply rooted in modern society. Nonetheless, every human being has the sovereign right to decide whether it is a panacea for all tech modern problems.

Anyway, today’s topic is blockchain (or somehow related) jobs. Taking into account the hype around this phenomenon, there is no big surprise that today’s market needs new professions, orientated on blockchain and related technologies. Thus, if the market needs professions, it offers jobs. Let’s consider the most popular blockchain-orientated jobs, and consequently, major requirements to applicants.

Major requirements to the applicants can differ from company to company, and the text below is just the editor’s opinion. The publisher/editor of PaySpace Magazine is not responsible for any consequences arising from the use of the information contained in the article.

Blockchain engineer

This profession opens our top 10 list. Mostly, crypto exchanges and crypto companies are looking for such a specialist. Normally, a blockchain engineer means a software engineer, focused on the crypto sector.

Essentially, there are two methods for a blockchain engineer. In simple words, one can:

  1. Build applications using blockchain technology.
  2. Focus on developing blockchain technology itself and the things that interact with it, like developing a new blockchain protocol or currency.

Major requirements:

  • Experience in setting up and maintaining secure and reliable blockchain nodes;
  • Provable working understanding of core blockchain concepts e.g. how blockchain and consensus protocols work, how different signature approaches work and when they should be used, etc.;
  • Experience in developing and prototyping smart contracts with solid experience in related tools.

Product marketing manager

As a PMM, you will mostly lead product marketing efforts.

A product marketing manager would usually be responsible for launching, developing, and executing marketing strategies and tactics to promote/improve products.

What employers expect from a PMM:

  • Build, optimize and scale effective marketing campaigns to drive growth across digital marketing channels;
  • It is highly desirable to be able to cooperate with the product and engineering teams to develop and launch new features and products;
  • Discover and validate market problems.

Major requirements:

  • Knowledge and background in financial products;
  • Solid foundation with all social media platforms and ad serving tools;
  • Well-versed in all digital marketing tactics, including SEO, SEM, social media advertising, email marketing, etc.

Digital marketing manager

This specialist has to follow and develop the marketing strategy, create and control content plans for different social media, and identify content marketing campaigns (on-site, social, and guest posting). Of course, you will be asked to stay up-to-date with FinTech and Crypto trends.

Major requirements:

  • Background/or interest in Crypto markets;
  • Experience using marketing automation and optimization systems.

Compliance operations Analyst

This specialist has to monitor, investigate and act upon compliance-related alerts, analyze complex cases reported by other teams (related to suspicious transaction patterns), and deal with complicated specific tools that help to investigate fraud transactions.

Major requirements:

  • Experience in the AML/CFT space in a financial institution/FinTech company (highly desirable);
  • Knowledge of AML area and blockchain analysis.

Blockchain/IoT developer

The average applicant for an IoT and blockchain developer job usually has experience in software development, but with additional knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and IoT. A senior position requires abilities to build and manage a team of developers to implement the objective. Junior and middle positions require showing deep theoretical knowledge in practice.

Major requirements:

  • Experience with the blockchain/crypto;
  • Experience developing solutions using major programming languages;
  • Knowledge of crypto libraries.

Exchange manager

This expert has to know how to build a decentralized blockchain exchange. If previously listed professions were more diverse, meaning these jobs were applicable to different companies (startups, software companies, etc), this occupation is a focused one. It is all about cryptocurrency trading, and relevant experience.

Major requirements:

  • Experience in managing cryptocurrency exchange;
  • Experience in communication with crypto startups that may want to be listed on the exchange;
  • Negotiation skills to be able to bring new partnerships.

Front-end developer

Referring to the issue of blockchain/IoT developer, there is no surprise that the blockchain front-end developer has to have experience in developing solutions using programming languages, software/apps development experience, and a bit (of course more than a bit) of blockchain knowledge and understanding.

This specialist has to know how to gather technical requirements and propose solutions based on product needs and collaborate with prospective customers during product demos/evaluations.

Major requirements:

  • 1-3+ (depends on position – junior/middle/senior) years of software engineering experience;
  • 1-3+ years of experience in UI / web development;
  • Proven track record of successfully developing web portals and integrating with web services (integration with back-end);
  • Experience in working with JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, Typescript, Angular, HTML5, CSS, etc (this list can differ, and depends on particular company requirements).

Back-end developer

The situation here is somehow similar to the previous point’s one. A good blockchain back-end developer has to be an expert in (what a surprise) back-end, and it is obligatory to have knowledge of blockchain/cryptocurrency.

Major requirements:

  • 1-3+ (depends on position – junior/middle/senior) years of Software Engineering experience;
  • 1-3+ years of experience with a specific programming language, mostly Object Oriented languages (depends on requirements of a particular firm);
  • Experience in working with APIs and 3rd party system integration, Agile-like Environment, etc (also depends on a firm);
  • Taking the initiative to research and learn emerging technologies (Blockchain is a rapidly evolving field of work).

Startup Marketer

Speaking about focused professions (like exchange manager), this one is also can be called a specific occupation. The major field of activity is blockchain/crypto-related startups.

This job is unpredictable and has a fluctuating nature, but this occupation is definitely an interesting and creative one. If you like creating, designing, and managing campaigns related to developer marketing, event marketing, and token distribution, and more, or growing whole ecosystems from a scratch, then this job is certainly for you.

Major requirements:

  • 1-5+ years as a primary marketer or founder in developer-facing startup environments;
  • Deep understanding of marketing fundamentals as applied to startups, and a ravenous thirst for knowledge.

Product Lead

The position of product lead exists not only in the blockchain sector. Generally, a blockchain product lead is similar to that in other fields of activity.  Normally, the product lead is responsible for the development of new products within a company. They communicate with different members of the development team to drive projects forward.

Major requirements:

  • 1-5+ years of experience in the payments sector;
  • Deep understanding of the payments industry, including pain points for online merchants and/or international market participants.


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