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Shopify partnered largest independent Customer Data Platform

In the past, using third-party commerce platforms often resulted in some of the most valuable customer data being siloed within one platform


Shopify teamed up with the largest independent Customer Data Platform. Source:

Shopify has integrated with mParticle to further enable their customers to deliver enhanced customer experiences.

According to the press release, Shopify is a new integration offered by the company, adding to over 300 analytics, marketing, customer service, engineering and data warehouse tool integrations accessible through the mParticle-powered customer data infrastructure.

The integration between mParticle and Shopify allows modern brands to build a single view of their customer based on data collected across multiple touchpoints: websites, apps, brick and mortar stores, support channels, social media and e-commerce.

mParticle’s Shopify integration allows brands to extract key user and event data from Shopify and unify it with existing customer profiles. Marketers can use this data to deliver targeted communications, while product and development teams can create 1:1 personalized experiences for customers.

mParticle connects all customer data collected across channels to the tools and systems that make use of it to enable:

  • 360° view of customers across all channels: Capture purchase events from Shopify and add them to purchases made in-store or through main apps to know the full value of each customer. Shopify also makes it easy to capture sales through external channels, like Amazon.
  • Personalized support by providing agents with richer context: Empower agents to deliver a better customer experience and resolve support cases faster by allowing them to see every customer interaction within the agent console, such as checkouts and orders.
  • Follow-up on fulfillment: Shopify can forward events to mParticle when orders have been cancelled, shipped or delivered. These events can be used to build segments in the Audience builder or forwarded on to marketing automation platforms like Braze or Iterable to trigger follow-up email, in-app messaging or push communications.

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