Top 10 Telegram sticker sets for business and finance

Business communication can be fun too with these precious sticker sets

Top 10 Telegram sticker sets for business and finance

Top 10 Telegram sticker sets for business and finance. Source:

Since its launch in August 2013, the messaging app created by the brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov has attracted the attention of the 200 million monthly active users and their number keeps growing.

Stickers are definitely an integral part of communication via Telegram. People love visualization which is more expressive than words. Gestures, facial expression and voice tone convey half of the information delivered by a speaker. Emojis and stickers are the closest analogs of non-verbal communication means which you can use while texting. Therefore, even if you type the actual keyboard combination for the emoji, the app offers to send the image instead.

In July 2019 animated stickers were introduced to liven up Telegram chats. Telegram engineers experimented with vector graphics and packaging to create the unique. TGS format, in which each sticker is extremely lightweight – six times smaller than the average photo. It also consumes less battery than GIFs and runs at a speed of 60 frames per second.

Business communication can be fun too with these precious sticker sets.

10 best Telegram sticker sets for business

The Greedy Capitalist

Use this set to joke about money and power, or just to show how obscenely rich you are. This capitalist may be greedy, but he surely has his own charm.

Mr. Trader

Here is the whole range of emotions you may feel while trading your crypto assets. Buy and sell in style with Mr Trader.

Above the Sky

This bitcoin lives its own life and it seems quite exciting. Add the coin adventures to your sticker set and your financial talks will never be dull again.

Office Turkey

Office life may seem kind of boring, but not for this office turkey. Doesn’t it remind you of your boss or colleagues?

Office Plankton

Here is the routine of office plankton with its deadlines, need to multitask and “I hate Monday mood”. A little sarcasm is appreciated in many team discussions.

The Wolf of Wall Street

This Wolf from Wall Street in all his messiness can nicely illustrate your money talks. Too bad he’s not as cute as Leonardo DiCaprio.

Credit Card

Animated stickers are not only for funny animals and memes with celebrities. This credit card set is official and businesslike.

Fast Crew Bot

For all those fans of IoT, robotics and AI concerned.

Paper Airplane

Remember the brand logo of Telegram? Paper airplanes are often symbolic for project teams and creators of all kinds. They stand for youth, whimsical ideas, creativity and growth. It is no wonder then that much of this sticker set is dedicated to the working environment.

Internet Addiction

All the pros and cons of internet technology in human lives in this hilarious sticker set.


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