Travelers can now pay for passports with crypto

Peninsula Visa is the first company in the nation to offer alternative payment methods

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Travelers can now pay for passports with crypto. Source:

Visa applicants in the United States can now pay for their passport using digital currency, specifically Bitcoin. This is after an announcement made by Peninsula Visa approving these transactions.

Coinbase Commerce will be used as the secure processor in these transactions. Coinbase Commerce makes it easy to store, sell, and buy digital currency such as Bitcoin.

Passport renewal, name change, second passport, and second passport renewal are among the passport services that can use Bitcoin as the payment method. However, more visa and passport services will be launched in a years’ time.

The company was founded as a paper airline ticket delivery service provider in 1975. It has since been able to navigate and transition through the constantly evolving technology not to mention international travels.

Today, it is growing its portfolio in subsidiary services such as Global Entry.

The coronavirus pandemic caused massive delays in passport processing. The delays affected both first-time applicants and those renewing their passports. As of September 23, there was a backlog of close to one million passports.

With passport applications now open, the processing time has been reduced. Applicants will now wait for 6 weeks for expedited passports and 10-12 weeks for standard passports.

The team’s dedication remains the provision of the best customer experience and the highest level of services.

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