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Twitter will pay $150 million for blowing abroad users’ credentials

Twitter will be forced by the Law enforcement officials to pay a large amount of money for its violation of the agreement with regulators.

Twitter will pay $150 million for blowing abroad users’ credentials.

According to BBC, Law enforcement officials will make Twitter pay a $150 million fine after facts that Twitter illegally revealed users’ credentials for the sake of their benefit. The company has leaked the private data of its users without their consent.

The Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission claim that Twitter violated the FTC order. This agreement stated that Twitter had no right to share user data with advertisers. However, notwithstanding this agreement and strict regulatory postulates, Twitter violated it and repeatedly provided its users’ credentials to employers.

According to the Federal Trading Commission, Twitter has violated a compulsory 2011 FTC order. It’s not a one-time event for Twitter when it comes to fines and penalties. In December 2020, Twitter was fined £400000 for the company breaching European privacy rules.

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