UK investors aim to increase their monthly investments: survey

The recent boom in retail investing is here to stay

UK investors

UK investors aim to increase their monthly investments: survey. Source:

According to Barclays Smart Investor survey, UK investors are planning to increase their monthly investments by 19%, despite this week’s easing of restrictions.

The recent poll of over 2,000 UK investors unveiled that 76% of respondents are planning to continue their lockdown investing habits. Meanwhile, only 4% of first-time pandemic investors giving up once the world re-opens.

According to data, appetite to continue investing is unlikely to dip in the months ahead, with half of UK investors aiming to cut back on other spending, so that they can continue to invest the same amount or more than in lockdown.

This has increased from 43% when the same question was asked in March 2021.

At the same time, only 6% of UK investors plan to reduce their monthly investments, citing holidays, weekends away, days out and eating out at restaurants as the top reasons.

The prediction that many will continue or increase the amount they invest going forward is likely driven by a rise in lockdown savings, with the ONS reporting that UK household savings are nearing an all-time high. If you’ve been lucky enough to boost your savings under lockdown, it’s worth considering whether investing is right for you - over the longer term, stock markets tend to perform better than cash and, while you won’t lose money by leaving everything in a savings account, with interest rates where they are, your spending power could fall because of the impact of rising inflation
Clare Francis, Director of Barclays Smart Investor

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