US digital bank introduced payments ring

The ring is accepted wherever you see a Contactless Symbol


US digital bank introduced payments ring. Source:

Quontic Bank has introduced the first-ever tap-to-pay mobile payment ring to the US market.

It was manufactured to be water and scratch-resistant, as well as long-lasting. The wearable payment ring is durable enough to survive normal day-to-day life.

It’s important to use the correct hand gesture when using your Ring at a compatible contactless terminal.

For the terminal to detect your Ring reliably, it is best to use a ‘knocking’ gesture with your hand. Simply approach the terminal as if you were going to knock on it and hold your fist in position until you see the confirmation of payment or hear the confirmation beep.

Here’s a quick visual guide on the correct hand gesture to use when making payments with your Ring.

Customers can link the ring to one of Quontic’s three checking accounts:

  • High-Interest Checking, which can earn up to 1.01% APY;
  • Bitcoin Rewards Checking, which earns 1.5% Bitcoin on all eligible purchases;
  • Cash Rewards Checking, which earns 1.5% cashback on all eligible purchases.
Welcome to your debit card, evolved. Quontic is the first bank to offer Bitcoin rewards on a checking account, the first to offer a wearable payment solution, and, often, the only bank willing to demonstrate just how innovative a digital bank can be. We’re pleased to continue to push the industry forward and will continue to make it easier for Americans to bank, wherever and however they choose
Steve Schnall, CEO and Founder of Quontic

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