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US tech company to deploy AI-guided recycling robots

In the US, the company has footprints in over 20 states


US tech company to deploy AI-guided recycling robots. Source:

AMP Robotics Corp has partnered with Waste Connections to deploy 24 AI- guided robotics systems.

Waste Connections is also committed to expanding resource recovery capacity. To achieve its goals, AMP’s robotics system must align with the organization’s goals to increase productivity, improve resource quality, and enhance safety.

AMP’s technology recovers cardboards, cans, plastics, paper, and cartons for raw material processing. This is the largest deal the company has had so far.

Currently, AMP’s technology recovers packaging materials and containers. These are then sorted based on polyethylene terephthalate, high or low-density polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene. They are also sorted based on clarity, opacity, and color.

The onset of the coronavirus pandemic accelerated the demand for AMP’s AI robotics technology. This was as a result of the need for automation to ensure the safety of employees, survive with the ongoing labor shortages, and adapt to an increase in residual volumes.

This necessitated the need for AMP to deploy its technology on a larger scale. The company has deployments in Asia, Europe, North America, and Spain.

We’ve reported that Dutch online supermarket Picnic raised €250 million in a new investment round. It wants to use the money to create a robotized distribution center of 42,000 square meters.


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