WhatsApp launches new initiative bringing SMEs online

WhatsApp and Watford Borough Council introduced a new initiative


WhatsApp launches new initiative bringing SMEs online. Source:

WhatsApp has teamed up with Watford Borough Council to roll out the UK’s first WhatsApp High Street initiative.

The initiative will provide businesses with free digital tools from WhatsApp to help them manage the challenges and customer questions presented by the pandemic.

As part of the program, experts from WhatsApp are providing training for an initial group of 12 local businesses.

Training will remain open for any small businesses in Watford interested in the scheme.

I’m delighted a global brand like WhatsApp has chosen to work with us on this initiative, which is the first of its kind in the UK. Local businesses are vital to our economy, bringing jobs and so much character to our town. We are committed to working with them to ensure Watford’s economy succeeds as we open up after a difficult period of lockdown. Digital skills and new technology are at the heart of our plans for the borough, which is why we are helping local businesses to adapt to the new circumstances we find ourselves in
Peter Taylor, Elected Mayor from Watford Borough Council

We’ve reported that Mastercard has announced the launch of the Small Business Digital Readiness Diagnostic in the US. That’s a free online tool to help entrepreneurs future-proof their businesses for a digital world.


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