Worldpay launches single API for merchants

That’s the latest step forward in Worldpay’s mission to provide a comprehensive suite of payment capabilities worldwide

Worldpay API

Worldpay launches single API for merchants. Source:

Worldpay has unveiled an Access Worldpay gateway, a single point of integration for merchants. The new solution helps to quickly deploy a full range of advanced payment capabilities.

This way, Access Worldpay provides a single API for merchants to access leading-edge payment capabilities globally.

Merchants can build their payment systems to meet the consumers’ demands. They could also use advanced data analytics, tokenization, and fraud protection to improve authorization and conversion rates when integrated with Access Worldpay.

Access Worldpay provides the tools merchants need to be nimble in the face of current challenges. It also brings the scale and easy integration needed to grow their online businesses globally, without the need to have numerous payment partnersrn
Shane Happach, EVP, Head of Global eCommerce, Worldpay Merchant Solutions, FIS

Merchants will also have access to Pazien, which offers reporting and data analysis across their global operations.

We’ve reported that Worldpay from FIS has introduced Open Banking Hub which allows consumers to pay for purchases directly from their bank account. What is more, it enables consumers to view their bank account balance in real-time during the checkout process.


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