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Half of Latin American organizations experienced breach last year

The report has surveyed 201 Latin American executives from Brazil and Mexico


Half of Latin American organizations experienced breach last year. Source:

Latin American organizations are shifting more data to the cloud, but lag behind other regions when it comes to digital transformation, Thales reports.

According to data, digital transformation is likely to accelerate for organizations in this region as it plays a key role in post-COVID-19 business recovery.

The research highlights that organizations in Latin America are approaching a cloud tipping point. In fact, 49% of all data stored in the cloud, and 45% of it is considered sensitive.

Although, 53% of that data is protected by encryption and less than half by tokenization. What is more, 49% of the respondents indicated they have experienced a data breach. Nevertheless, all of them said data security represents a very small percentage of their overall IT security budget.

80% of Latin American organizations surveyed are using 2 or more Platform as a Service providers, while 78% are using 2 or more Infrastructure as a Service providers. Nearly three-quarters are using over 11 SaaS providers.

Organizations in Latin America are truly embracing digital transformation, and there is real opportunity for this region to leapfrog the rest of the world in this area - especially with the new pressures stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. As Latin American businesses move even more data to the cloud and adopt technologies like IoT, mobile, and blockchain, the priority has to be on protecting sensitive data with a zero-trust mindset. Knowing where data is stored, classifying it, and embracing encryption, tokenization, and access management technologies, as well as a sound multi-cloud key management strategy, is crucial for businesses in this region
Roman Baudrit, vice president, Latin America sales for cloud protection and licensing activity at Thales

We’ve reported that European organizations have a false sense of security when it comes to protecting themselves. In fact, 68% are seeing themselves as vulnerable, compared to 86% in 2018.


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