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Starling Bank issues debit card for kids

Parents or guardians can order the card from the app

Starling Kite

Starling Bank issues debit card for kids. Source:

Starling has announced the launch of the Starling Kite card to provide young people across the UK with a contactless way to spend.

Starling Kite is linked to a parent or guardian’s personal Starling account.

Children’s names will be printed on the cards, giving them a sense of ownership and responsibility. With the card, they will be able to spend online, in-store, and to withdraw cash from ATMs at a maximum of £100.

And if the debit card is lost or stolen, it can be locked from the adult’s Starling account.

They can also check, control, and limit specific functions such as online payments and ATM withdrawals.

Starling Kite will cost £2 per card per month.

Understanding the value of money and learning skills such as budgeting and saving from a young age, can help people lay the foundations for them to achieve better financial wellbeing later on in life
Anne Boden, CEO and Founder of Starling Bank

We’ve reported that Game developers Cauldron and Glitchers have introduced an app allowing kids to get money thought gamified experience.


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