What UK employees think about future of their companies: survey

Many UK workers are still unsure about what their employer expects of them amid the coronacrisis

UK employees

What UK employees think about future of their companies: survey. Source:

According to Wike, 54% of UK office workers admit to not understanding the current state of the business. That also concerns their employer’s plan to survive the COVID-19 – due to a lack of communication.

After the initial wave of the pandemic, communication appears to have taken a backseat.

The report reveals that in 42% of cases it is only management that is being directly briefed on plans to survive the economic toll of the pandemic.

Meanwhile, many organizations are yet to take steps to tackle the problem. For instance, just 35% of HR teams putting centralized projects and initiatives in place to encourage company communication.

Consequently, 60% of organizations are also failing to share experiences and examples of best practice from team to team. That could have a negative effect on overall productivity and development.

Among all the workers, 49% don’t feel as though their feedback is being used to improve processes while working remotely.

Although, 41% of those surveyed still feel as if they don’t have all the infrastructure, hardware, data, and platforms they need to be productive.

We’ve reported that the percentage of Americans who are concerned about personal and public health continues to rise.


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