Xiaomi introduced new NFC feature for their customers

Xiaomi customers can use NFC to control their smart home devices


Xiaomi introduced new NFC feature for their customers. Source:

Xiaomi now allows its smart home devices owners to monitor and control the lighting, entertainment, security systems by tapping an NFC sticker with their smartphones.

The users can place a specific NFC sticker manufactured by PonPon Tile 2.0 around their house and use them to transfer instructions via the IoT platform and Mijia app by Xiaomi.

These 2 apps allow users to connect smart home devices by performing a few steps. Users can control their devices from anywhere using their phones. They have an option to set up several home devices for several tasks. Using this technology, they can get different devices’ status in real-time and share access to smart devices with others.

With the Mijia app and PonPon Tile 2.0, someone can configure a number of home devices to work at a time to accomplish specific combined tasks. Based on the preference, users can choose different options for away from home, home welcome, and other settings such as control the room lights, doors locking, set alarms, play music, etc.

We’ve reported that Xiaomi has launched its virtual bank called Airstar in Hong Kong in June. This bank is a joint venture with Asia’s largest investment banking company AMTD Group, meanwhile, Xiaomi owns 90% of the shares.


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