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You can now limit who can reply to your old tweets

To access this feature, however, users must have the latest app version


You can now limit who can reply to your old tweets. Source:

Twitter introduced a feature that allows users to have more control over replies to old tweets. The company looks to offer users a better experience via the feature.

While users could limit replies to their tweets from 2020, the feature has been expanded to allow people to change those that can reply to a tweet after posting it. Previously, users could only limit who can reply to a tweet when creating it. The feature will be available for all users with the stable version.

This experience will make it easier for users to follow conversations. Replies can now be open to people followed, just the people a user mentions or everyone.

The update will be available on devices in the coming days. Restricting users from replies does not limit them from liking, viewing, retweeting, sharing and even retweeting with a comment.

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