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5 Ways to Promote Your Business with Free Shipping

Promoting your business can seem incredibly difficult at times. However, with the right strategies and insider info, you can do so with ease. Using free shipping, along with other tie-in strategies, has proven effective for millions of businesses across the United States. Here are five proven ways to promote your business with free shipping:

1. Use Free Shipping with Promo Bulk Gifts

Promotional item marketing is a guaranteed way to attract new customers and create loyal customers. The idea is to send out promotional gifts to both customers that you want to attract, and to customers who are already showing a loyal following. When you send people free stuff, they know that you care about them, and their patronage, after all.

Thankfully, there are a ton of fantastic promo items you can buy in bulk with free shipping that will allow your business to implement this strategy for little-to-no money. If you’re working on a limited advertising and PR budget, promotional item marketing is one of the best options your company can start using right away. Make sure to tailor your promo item to your target audience’s specific needs, however. For example, if you run an office supply company, sending out free click pens or stress balls to your target audience can be a great choice. The more promotional items you buy, the greater discounts you can get.

2. Create “Free Shipping” Deadlines

For many businesses, there are times when you want to move a specific product in mass. For these situations, you need to get creative. One way to make these items more attractive to customers is to offer free shipping with them. However, to make the offer that much more attractive (while also making it feel exclusive), you can make that free shipping offer available only to those that purchase said item within a certain timeframe.

In addition to making the item more attractive, this exclusivity will make the item feel as though it has more inherent value. Once a customer benefits from this type of timeline-centric deal, they will immediately associate your business’s brand as one that offers plenty of valuable customer deals. After you’ve created this idea in their minds, customers will be much more likely to return to your brand for future deals. If you’re looking to create loyal repeat customers, this is a great, budget-friendly strategy to begin implementing in 2023.

3. Offer Free Shipping to Repeat Customers

Speaking of creating repeat customers, here’s a way to achieve this must-have goal with ease: begin offering free shipping on any items that you can for repeat customers. Have a specific goal in mind for what qualifies as a “repeat customer,” and with some simple number-crunching, you’ll have a proven way of attracting business with a free shipping-centric scheme. The simplicity and widely-used nature of this strategy have made it incredibly popular among all types of successful businesses over the last few decades.

When using this strategy, however, be sure to avoid underselling your company. Ensure that you’re creating a threshold for qualifying someone as a “repeat customer” that will make business sense. If you handle your business needs intelligently, you’ll be sure to attract plenty of loyal, well-qualified customers to your business.

4. Do a Business Partnership Centered Around Free Shipping

Especially if you’re running a local business that focuses on local customers, creating business partnerships with other local businesses is an ideal way to promote your brand (and create new customers). Offer free shipping codes and discount opportunities for those who shop at your partner’s store, and you’ll have a great strategy on your hands in no time. Generating new customers will feel simple using this approach.

When choosing a local business to partner with in this fashion, it’s key that you find one that has solid, provable synergy with your company’s products and/or services. If you fail to do so, this otherwise-fantastic customer-creation strategy will likely fail to generate the number of leads that you’re hoping for.

5. Pair Your Hottest Selling Items with Free Shipping Deals

If you have a hot-selling item, and you want to continue pushing it out the door at a rapid-fire rate, offering free shipping for those that are buying it is ideal. While this may cost you a small amount of money in the short term, it will do wonders for your business’s reputation and bottom line in the long run.

After all, you’re running a business not only to make money but to benefit your customers’ lives. By offering free shipping in ideal scenarios, you’re doing what you need to make a widely loved and trusted brand. The more effort you put toward this goal, the easier it will become for you to make life-long, repeat customers in 2023.

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