Wendy’s and Pipedream to Pilot Underground Autonomous Robot System

Wendy’s plans to launch a mobile order delivery testing program through the use of an underground autonomous robotic system.

Wendy’s and Pipedream to Pilot Underground Autonomous Robot System


The fast-food restaurant (QSR) cooperates with the hyper-logistic company Pipedream as part of a pilot program that will equip the catering establishment with an underground delivery system. This system will deliver food to customers from the kitchen to specially equipped parking spaces. The corresponding delivery will be available with a digital order. The relevant information is contained in the press release, which was published last Wednesday, May 17.

The chief operating officer of Wendy’s Company in the USA, Deepak Ajmani, says that the level of customer satisfaction increases with the condition of accurate and fast execution of orders. He also noted that the Pipedream instant delivery system has the potential to increase the speed of servicing mobile orders. According to him, this partnership will allow to constantly deliver hot and fresh Wendy’s products to customers.

With the Pipedream system, autonomous robots will deliver dishes from the kitchen to the car in a specially prepared place in a matter of seconds. This system will provide customers with the opportunity to quickly and conveniently pick up food without leaving the vehicle. The burden on the restaurant’s employees will also be reduced, who will be able to spend additional time on solving other tasks.

Wendy’s will be the first QSR to test robotic delivery in pilot mode. Pipedream CEO Garrett Mccurrach says that cooperation with such an iconic innovative brand as Wendy’s will make it possible to contribute to the integration of mobile delivery into the field of fast service. He also noted that the transfer of orders is the final stage of digital interaction. According to him, the instant delivery technology will allow restaurant employees Wendy’s on particularly important aspects of work, they will serve delicious and high-quality dishes and communicate with customers in a world based on digital technology.

In the USA, some restaurant chains have already begun to introduce automation processes into the structure of their activities, which reduces labor costs. These innovative solutions are the result of the expansion of the practice of digital food ordering. In part, the trends regarding automation are due to a shortage of labor, exacerbating the problem of the number of personnel.

If the right innovative solutions are made, restaurants will recoup their investment investments as a result of sales growth and the elimination of negative aspects that are a problem when operating in manual mode.

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