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Bank holidays in Ireland 2024

Ireland is known for having a generous number of bank holidays scattered throughout the year. These holidays provide a much-needed break for both banks and many businesses, as they are typically closed on these special days.

Bank holiday in Ireland 2024

In the year 2024, Ireland will be celebrating a range of bank holidays, ensuring that there are plenty of opportunities for people to enjoy some well-deserved time off. These holidays include the ever-popular New Year’s Day, which marks the beginning of the year with hope and celebration.

Another notable holiday is St. Brigid’s Day, which honors the patron saint of Ireland and is celebrated on the 1st of February. Of course, no discussion of Irish holidays would be complete without mentioning the world-famous St. Patrick’s Day, a day when the Irish and those with Irish heritage come together to celebrate their culture and heritage. This lively holiday takes place on the 17th of March each year. Following closely behind is Easter Monday, a day that allows people to extend their Easter celebrations and spend quality time with family and loved ones.

As spring transitions into summer, May Day brings a sense of joy and anticipation for the warmer months ahead. This holiday falls on the first Monday in May and is traditionally associated with festivities and the arrival of spring. The excitement continues with the June Bank Holiday, which provides an ideal opportunity for people to take a break and enjoy the longer days and pleasant weather. As the summer draws to a close, the August Bank Holiday offers one last chance to soak up the sun and make lasting memories before the arrival of autumn.

Finally, to round off the year, Ireland celebrates Christmas Day on the 25th of December, a time to gather with loved ones, exchange gifts, and indulge in festive feasts.

And let’s not forget about St. Stephen’s Day, a lesser-known holiday that takes place on the 26th of December. This day provides an opportunity for people to continue their holiday celebrations and perhaps even engage in some post-Christmas shopping. It’s important to note that while these holidays are observed in Ireland, there may be variations depending on the calendar and specific location. Nonetheless, one thing is for sure – Ireland knows how to make the most of its bank holidays, ensuring that its people have ample time to relax, celebrate, and cherish the special moments throughout the year.

List of bank holiday in Ireland 2024

  1. January, 1 – Monday – New Year’s Day
  2. February, 5 – Monday – St Brigid’s Day
  3. March, 17 – Sunday – Saint Patrick’s Day
  4. April, 1 – Monday – Easter Monday
  5. May, 6 – Monday – May Day
  6. June, 3 – Monday – June Bank Holiday
  7. August, 5 – Monday – August Bank Holiday
  8. October, 28 – Monday – October Bank Holiday
  9. December, 25 – Wednesday – Christmas Day
  10. December, 26 – Thursday – St Stephen’s Day

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