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Apple Reportedly to Launch Vision Pro Mixed-Reality Headset by February

The media reports that Apple plans to release its Vision Pro mixed reality headset by February.

Apple Reportedly to Launch Vision Pro Mixed-Reality Headset by February

According to the information that was made public by journalists, aware of the current production processes of the mentioned technology giant, the company is currently increasing the volume of making specified devices in factories located in China. This activity is aimed at ensuring that instances of the mixed reality headset are ready for mass appearance in the consumer space by the end of January and have a condition suitable for intensive operation by this time. Vision Pro is expected to be available in the tech giant’s stores in February.

The mixed reality headset is a landmark product for the company, which means its appearance in a new segment of the innovation market. This is a new area of activity and the conquest of a kind of technological frontier for Apple. The company will begin the history of its presence in a new product category. The previous expansion of the technological giant’s production functionality occurred in 2015 when smartwatches were presented.

Apple is launching its activities in a space that combines virtual and mixed reality within a single digital dimension. Currently, Meta Platforms dominates the market of relevant technological solutions. At the same time, Apple plans to compete and is determined to impress consumers who are interested in devices that plunge into the depths of an alternative form of being, where reality has a digital nature and offers new landscapes of life.

The media notes that Vision Pro will be a difficult task for the technology giant in terms of the specifics of launching this device expanding the brand’s product line and increasing its level of functionality. According to experts, the company needs a new sales strategy in this case.

The mixed-reality headset is equipped with customized components that must be properly assembled and packaged at the point of sale. Ensuring a proper fit is crucial. If the headset is incorrectly ensured, the user is likely to encounter failures in displaying content and various inconveniences.

In preparation for the launch of Vision Pro, the tech giant is expanding its retail stores. This is necessary to place the Vision Pro and its accessories. The various sizes and configurations of the mixed reality headset require additional storage space. Demonstration zones will also be created in the retail stores of the technology giant, where customers will be allowed to try on the Vision Pro.

According to media reports, Apple is currently training its employees involved in the retail sector to effectively promote a mixed-reality headset. Two representatives of each point of sale will attend training at the company’s headquarters, during which they will learn about the functions of Vision Pro and how to fit it correctly.

The media reports that the release of the mixed reality headset will be less extravagant compared to the debut of other brand developments. At the same time, the company is interested in encouraging customers to appreciate advanced technology in a new way.

Apple announced its intention to start its story in the world of mixed reality in June. Company CEO Tim Cook at that time said that the Vision Pro is the first device that a user could look through, rather than at.

The head of Apple stated during a November earnings call that demonstrating versions of the mixed reality headset would be offered to customers in the brand’s retail stores. He noted that this would be a completely different process compared to the standard method of interaction with the consumer, which provides exclusively for the purchase of goods and the absence of any other interaction, including the possibility of preliminary acquaintance with the device.

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