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Science & Technology

Alibaba and its fintech ecosystem

Today, on April 4, the online giant celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Science & Technology

Apple’s birthday: history & best achievements

The way from a little company to $1T evaluation

Science & Technology

Throwback Thursday: the Airbnb success story

“It will not bring you a profit, you are just crazy.” That’s what everybody said about the idea of creating a marketplace where homeowners could rent an apartment or room to travelers

Science & Technology

Top 5 news from Money20/20 Asia

Check out the most important and relevant news from Money20/20 Asia

Finance & Economics

The end of cash: how to pay in Stockholm

It is super-easy to spend a week in Stockholm without cash. Check out our article to find out how to pay and exchange money in Sweden


Blockchain and precious metals

What if the value and stability of precious metals are actually combined with the possibilities of blockchains?

Science & Technology

Samsung’s 81st anniversary: from noodles to robots

Find out what 81 years of Samsung’s activity have brought to postindustrial societies

Blockchain & Crypto

Stablecoin: what is it and do we need it

How are they different from Bitcoin and do they actually have any benefits?


Stages of the blockchain revolution

If the blockchain revolution ever actualizes its full potential, real-life obstacles need to be overcome

Finance & Economics

5 myths of contactless payments security

Today, we debunk the 5 most common myths which may prevent you from using contactless payments

Finance & Economics

5 financial institutions that brought innovations

Labs and innovations of recent years


Samsung launch a new line of devices: pics & review

Samsung introduced a new line of smartphones and wearables at its Unpacked 2019 event


Throwback Thursday: the history of internet banking

Banking reality changes so fast. Today we take time to pay tribute to the major milestones on the road to mobile payments


New PCI SSC standards: how mobile payments will change in 2019

Find out which changes are anticipated in the mobile payments industry this year in the following article

Finance & Economics

Prognosis of payments 2018 and its credibility

What had domain experts anticipated and did it come true?

Science & Technology

Outcomes of 2018 and what to expect for 2019

2019 is the “Year of the Pig”