The 3 key aspects of marketing analytics software

Marketing analytics software has the power to transform the way your business approaches marketing in many ways.

For instance, one of these expert marketing analytics tools is call tracking software.

Whilst there are many aspects of the software worth knowing, we want to focus on three key areas that you can use to enhance your marketing efforts.

Read on to learn what they are and why they’re so important.

The 3 key aspects of marketing analytics software

Gaining customer journey insights

With call tracking software, one of the main things you can gain is detailed insights into customer journeys.

Each time you receive a customer call, the software can outline the exact paths the caller took within your marketing. This includes every channel, activity, and campaign they interacted with before they called – you can even see the touchpoints visited during and after the call too.

This can help you build comprehensive journey maps for every customer, which is beneficial for many reasons:

  • Marketing visibility – By seeing every customer journey, you can have a complete overview of your marketing efforts, with every essential piece of data being automatically logged on your platform (i.e., website visits, conversions, form fills).
  • Campaign performance – You can use these insights to see which marketing campaigns are performing well. For example, those producing the most calls or driving the most valuable leads.
  • Enhancing activities – Once you know your customers’ paths, you can tailor your activities to better drive conversions. For instance, you can add more compelling calls to action at points in the journey where the highest number of conversions are happening.

Lowering the cost per lead

Another essential aspect of this marketing analytics software is that it allows you to lower the cost per lead in your marketing efforts and improve revenue.

This is important for a greater return on investment and helping you avoid wasted spend on non-profitable strategies.

Here are some ways this can be done:

  • Discovering campaign value – The software can show you how many leads and sales are being generated by each campaign, thus showing their value. You can then direct your marketing resources more effectively on successful activities and avoid underperforming areas.
  • Targeting the right PPC keywords – Pay-per-click (PPC) activity is important in your marketing campaigns, and the software can show you the keywords being searched by customers who visit your ads. This way, you’ll know which keywords to bid on to cost-effectively maximise results.

Using speech analytics

Speech analytics is a vital feature of this marketing analytics software, that provides in-depth analysis of customer calls.

It allows you to transcribe every customer call and pick up keywords mentioned in the call conversations.

This can give you a range of benefits:

  • Insight into customer needs – The software can reveal things like your customers’ pain points, so you can address them to remove any conversion and sales obstacles.
  • Data to tailor campaigns – Certain enquiries you pick up on in the calls can be the foundation of your new campaigns. You can tailor the content to address these enquiries to boost conversions and customer satisfaction.
  • Spot valuable leads – You can identify your most interested customers by the keywords or phrases they mention. These callers can then be traced to see which campaigns they came from, showing which areas of your marketing efforts are producing valuable leads.

Can you see these important aspects making a difference in your own business?

With this software, you can form data-driven campaign strategies, boost your marketing cost-efficiency, and gain in-depth knowledge of your customers with speech analytics.

There are many more aspects of this marketing analytics software to learn, so make sure you explore all of its benefits…

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