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Finance & Economics

Human-centered marketing: How to make your clients feel human

Alisa Adamska Author     In the pursuit of efficiency in digital promotion, many enterprises did not consider the human-centered approach as the most important one. However, with COVID-19 global pandemic changing common marketing beliefs and concepts, and technology being the primary conduit for communication and interaction during lockdowns, people increasingly are craving human connection. […]

Society & Lifestyle

The evolution of monetization models in the gaming industry

Tonette Pringer Author   Games are like many other forms of art. They are often made by passionate creatives who enjoy playing their craft to tell a story and entertain the people that play them. However, no matter how much fulfilment they get from their work, the fact remains is that they need to be […]

Society & Lifestyle

6 apps for browsing and sorting photos on Android

Jean Hartley Content writer   When your smartphone is used as the main camera, you have to sift photos. Otherwise sooner or later the phone will be swamped with old photos, and there won’t be enough memory for new ones. Many people solve this problem through the standard gallery or “Google Photos”, but their capabilities […]

Society & Lifestyle

5 tips to succeed as a freelancer

Jean Hartley Content writer   Freelancing gives not only more flexibility, but also more responsibility. It’s very easy to get stuck in the routine of mediocre projects and endless search for clients. To get a good and high-paying job and avoid the mistakes that many beginner freelancers make, pay attention to these five tips. 1. […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

Leverage the power of fintech for profit

Jenna Christine Content writer   Do you want to put the power of modern fintech apps and programs to work in your portfolio? If so, the timing is right because 2022 is poised to be a watershed year for all varieties of financial technology. Some versions are more sophisticated than others, but all aim to […]

Finance & Economics

6 tips for managers on how to save employees from stress and burnout

Jean Hartley Сontent writer   We know for sure that coping with your own stress is quite difficult. But being a leader is even more difficult because you need to make sure that your team members stay in good spirits and are productive. We tell you how to help your subordinates avoid feelings of stress, […]

Finance & Economics

Capital appreciation – a realistic view of investment returns

Daniel Martin Content writer   Capital appreciation can occur on a variety of investments such as stocks, investment trusts, real estate, gold, and other commodities and tradable assets. It is simply the increase in the price of an investment. A capital appreciation usually generates an investment return. This article discusses capital appreciation and investment returns. […]

Society & Lifestyle

Stop the cycle of debt: how to eliminate your debt and build wealth

Isabella Goode Content writer   Debt can be a tricky thing to get rid of. It’s easy to accumulate debt, and it can be hard to pay it back, especially when you have other financial obligations. Debt can be expensive and painful. It may seem like you have no way out, but there is hope. […]

Finance & Economics

Product design vs. UX design: differences and similarities

Catherine Burkovich Content writer   Design is a critical aspect of product development. Businesses invest in design as part of their marketing strategy. Whether it is a website, application, or product, it should appeal to the intended audience. Technology plays a vital role in the development process. Besides, design is evolving to accommodate new trends […]

Blockchain & Crypto

Tips you can follow in choosing a cryptocurrency mining pool

Jean Nichols Content writer   After knowing the profit potential of cryptocurrency mining, almost everyone has tried to do it. People have tried minting these tokens with their personal computers but have failed to profit. Miners always consider becoming a member of a mining pool, but it also depends upon the digital coin they are […]

Finance & Economics

Financial literacy of African American college students: how is it taught? 

Noel Burnett Content writer   Financial literacy can be defined as the confident understanding of varying economic concepts that allow you to competently manage your monetary resources. Some of the elements involved with this concept include saving, investment, and debt management. The main objective of attaining this knowledge is to allow you to gain a […]

Finance & Economics

How is automated cryptocurrency trading skyrocketing the accessibility to these virtual coins?

Jean Nichols Content writer   Any cryptocurrency using blockchain fundamentals always uses a mechanism to make financial transactions a piece of cake. The technical aspects of this technology are remarkable, and its evolution over the past few years is just mind-blowing. The complex cryptocurrency trading venues that arrived over the past few years have made […]

Blockchain & Crypto

How is China going to ban international cryptocurrency trading?

Jean Nichols Content writer   China’s relationship with digital currencies has been theatrical. The two had a very long history as China was one of the two countries to facilitate the use case of technologies present in cryptocurrency. But China’s past decisions regarding this market have impacted the entire stream by an exceeding extent. China […]

Blockchain & Crypto

What makes blockchain technology risky? Know about the disadvantages of it

Jean Nichols Content writer   Undoubtedly, blockchain technology is not robust or advanced, but many other risks make this technology risky. Blockchain technology is very highly advanced, but still, it is not a complete package to use or apply. This technology has so many gaps, making it a risky investment. If you want to implant […]


The effect of gambling tourism in the USA

Roman Gersh Marketing Manager   The majority of economies worldwide are heavily reliant on tourism, which plays a key role in their economy. Tourism generates massive revenue for the economy, and when visitors visit a country, it is a sign that the economy is doing well. The advent of numerous sorts of gambling, such as […]

Finance & Economics

Why every business must have a mobile phone app?

Emily John Content writer   Digitalization plays a significant part in our lifestyles in today’s modern high-tech society. You have come to the perfect spot if you have ever wondered, “Does my enterprise require full cycle app development services?” Many startups and entrepreneurs still feel that having a webpage or a Facebook page is enough […]