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Amazon launches its corporate subscription in the UK

Amazon Business Prime launches in the United Kingdom


Lithuanian startup to offer 45-minute deliveries in Europe

Ziticity wants 45-minute deliveries in Europe


Tmall to offer a more personalized experience to shoppers

Tmall has given brands a sneak peek into its next generation of flagship stores


European e-commerce platform tests private delivery points

Zalando and PostNord test private delivery points in Denmark


Top 10 leading banks in the US

The aggregate assets stored within the top 10 leading banks in the US exceeds $9 trillion


Spending on going out significantly increased in the UK

A recent survey has found that British people spend £70.56 on a night out on average


American sustainable brand launches online store in Europe

Allbirds launches an online store in Europe

Society & Lifestyle

How to increase sales? Top 7 payment trends

Which payment trends will pay off?


French supermarket chain extends delivery service to whole country

Carrefour extends home delivery in France


What drives electronic payments adoption in Slovenia

Introduction of instant payments system and rising adoption of contactless technology set to reduce cash dependency in Slovenia, says GlobalData


Alibaba launches English portal on its shopping platform

This move will help Tmall to boost its international expansion


Fidelity Bank was merged with and into the Ameris Bank

Ameris Bancorp completes acquisition of Fidelity Southern Corporation and announces the appointment of new CEO

Science & Technology

eBay introduces its new APIs

The platform says new APIs will enable developers to create innovative experiences at scale


Amazon introduces new staffed pickup points

Amazon introduces Counter in the US – where customers can pick up their package and shop too


H&M to launch its latest brand on the new market

H&M launches Afound in the Netherlands


Throwback Thursday: the history of the ATM

From wending £10 at a time to contactless mobile cash facilities – a brief overview of ATM evolution

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