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More customers can now use Apple Pay in France

Apple Pay expands its coverage in France


Banks vs. startups: from observers to active partners

Anastasiya Shevchenko Author of the “Digital Era” Founder and CEO of Fintech Solutions LLC The beginning of each year according to an established tradition becomes for us a time of summing up last year’s results and setting new goals for the coming year. Fintech experts and bankers during this period are betting about the future […]

Finance & Economics

Barclays announces 2019 FinTech Accelerator

Barclays announces 2019 London Accelerator class


Visa offers payment processing services in new market

Financial institutions, merchants and consumers will gain access to new ways to pay and be paid


Optician chain & fintech firm offer innovative contact lens subscription

Sweden’s largest optician chain has implemented mobile contact lens subscription


UnionPay expanded its coverage in Europe

UnionPay is accepted at all ATMs and about 90% of POS terminals in Switzerland


International conferences 2019: business, finance, and technology

If you would like to save time and money, it is much better to decide which conferences you will attend in 2019 right now


UnionPay increases its acceptance coverage in India

UnionPay cardholders visiting India will get better payment experience

Finance & Economics

Japan’s biggest bank launches fund to promote investments in FinTech

The fund has hired venture capitalists who have wide experiences of working with and investing in Japanese and global startups


Two countries introduced blockchain-based international remittances

Blockchain technology backed home remittances from Malaysia to Pakistan to promote financial inclusion


Mastercard removes its name from the logo

Digital payment company believes new logo fits better with a digital environment


Where to study fintech in the USA

Here is the list of educational institutions offering fintech courses


PaySpace Magazine Awards 2018 winners named

PaySpace Magazine has organized the Awards for the third time


Western Union and JD focus on moving remittances into mobile wallets

Western Union and China’s JD Digits join forces for global digital money movement


Card-issuing giants launched e-wallet in Nepal

E-wallet based on UnionPay standards launched in Nepal 

Science & Technology

Alibaba added e-business cards and Alipay services to its chat app

The company added new features to its enterprise chat and collaboration app

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