Adobe Launches AI Assistant

Last Tuesday, February 20, Adobe launched a digital assistant based on artificial intelligence.

Adobe Launches AI Assistant

The mentioned firm’s new development has been integrated into apps such as Reader and Acrobat. The AI-based virtual assistant, presented on Tuesday, can generate summaries of PDF files and other documents. The digital product also has functions that allow it to answer questions about the specified arrays of information.

Currently, a virtual assistant based on machine intelligence is in beta testing. The digital product is already available in Acrobat with features that will be launched in Reader in the coming days and weeks. The relevant information is contained in the company’s press release.

Adobe plans to launch a subscription plan for a digital assistant with artificial intelligence after the beta testing of this virtual product is completed.

The company said its new virtual product will help users digest information from large PDF documents. An artificial intelligence-based digital assistant will generate brief overviews of the mentioned documents. The virtual product can also answer questions about arrays of information through a conversational interface. Also, an artificial intelligence-based digital assistant will offer options for questions about the document that users can ask.

Adobe said its virtual product will be able to generate citations that will allow consumers to verify the source of responses. The company’s press release separately notes that the digital assistant based on machine intelligence has the function of generating text materials for various formats, including emails, presentations, and reports.

Other artificial intelligence models, such as ChatGPT, offer PDF readers to consumers. As part of these solutions, the analysis of large documents is accelerated, but the corresponding services provide that users must pre-upload PDF documents. In the new Adobe product, the specified function is built-in.

Shantanu Narayen, CEO of the mentioned company, said during a conversation with media representatives that the digital assistant based on artificial intelligence reflects the brand’s goal, which is to democratize access to trillions of PDF files in use. The head of Adobe, describing the specifics of the new product, noted that in this case consumers are allowed to understand the summary of a large document, have a kind of conversation with this information material, and ask their questions. He also noted that the AI-based digital assistant allows users to compare documents with each other and with all information in a certain virtual corporate space.

Last week, OpenAI, which developed ChatGPT, presented a new artificial intelligence tool that generates videos of a high level of realism, focusing on consumer text prompts. This digital product is called Sora. Shantanu Narayen, commenting on the mentioned debut, stated that his company is also working on similar AI models and intends to use the appropriate technology for tools and workflows as part of a responsible approach.

As we have reported earlier, Adobe Predicts Longer AI Boost. Additionally, there exists a useful tool for converting your files to PDF – the SodaPDF JPG converter.

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