Amazon Announces New Echo Spot Alarm Clock

Amazon on Monday, July 8, announced a new alarm clock, the Echo Spot.

Amazon Announces New Echo Spot Alarm Clock

It is currently known that the cost of the new device from the mentioned e-commerce giant, which, among other things, owns the best American delivery service, will be $79.

Announced on Monday, the Echo Spot features improved audio quality and a refreshed design.

The company has added a display on the device where users can get weather information, check the time, or see what song is playing at a particular moment. The e-commerce giant has installed a better speaker on the front of the alarm clock. According to the company, the mentioned speaker delivers cleaner vocals and deeper bass.

This is the first update to the device since the Echo Spot debuted in 2017. The previous version of the alarm clock, which cost $129, also had a semicircle design but was equipped with a full-size display and camera.

The e-commerce giant said $139 Prime members can purchase the upgraded device for $44.99 until July 17, when the Prime Day mega sale runs.

According to media reports, the e-commerce giant presented a new version of the alarm clock as part of a larger campaign that also includes upgrading the Alexa voice assistant that is equipped with its smart speakers. It’s worth noting that the company traditionally makes a lot of announcements on the Echo and Alexa lines at its fall event, which usually takes place in September.

Some media outlets are paying attention to the fact that the new version of the alarm clock may be notable because there is no built-in camera. This feature of the device is likely to be positively received by those consumers who do not want the e-commerce giant’s functional systems to have a view of their bedroom.

The new version of the alarm clock also includes unique animations that activate when users say common interaction phrases.

The consumer community evaluates the future of the voice technology area through a positive lens. For example, according to the results of special surveys, it was found that more than 60% of residents of the United States are convinced that in the foreseeable future, voice assistants will be equal to humans in terms of the level of intellectual development and reliability.

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