Amazon Discontinues Security Robot Astro for Business

Amazon is discontinuing its Astro security robot configuration, which is designed for use in the small and medium-sized business sector.

Amazon Discontinues Security Robot Astro for Business

The mentioned product of the e-commerce giant, which is also a major player in the technology area and owner of the best American delivery service, was launched about eight months ago.

The media, citing insiders, report that the company intends to focus its efforts in sphere robotics on household robots.

The Amazon Astro operation process was launched in 2021. Initially, this product was intended for home use, which implies a functional mode focused on solving household tasks. Last November, the Astro for Business project was launched. This modification of the product was intended for business customers.

The e-commerce giant is currently interested in making progress in the robotics area. As part of the implementation of the relevant goals, the company is conducting research aimed at improving the quality of Astro as a robot for home use. To focus on the mentioned line of business, Amazon has decided to wind down support for the modification of the mentioned product for business. This was announced by the company’s spokesperson in a comment to the media.

Astro for Business was only available in the United States market. The cost of this modification of the robot was 2,349.99 dollars.

On the Amazon Astro support page on the retailer’s website, it is noted that the business version of the product is no longer available for purchase. Also, information was published on the mentioned virtual platform that the existing devices of the specified robot modification will cease to function from September 25.

In the coming weeks, the e-commerce giant will fully refund money for any purchase of Amazon Astro devices for business using the original payment method. This information is also available on the retailer’s website.

As of last Wednesday, July 3, Astro Secure subscribers there is no longer charged a subscription fee. Besides, they will receive a refund for any unused prepaid subscription fee.

During the presentation of Astro for Business in November last year, Amazon said that this security solution combines robotics, smart security, and artificial intelligence. Also at that time, the e-commerce giant noted that companies belonging to the small and medium-sized business sectors, using the new product, will be able to monitor their workflows around the clock, even from home. The modification of the robot for business included the functions of real-time viewing, remote control, and two-way communication. The mentioned version of the product was equipped with intelligent tracking cameras and periscopes, which integrated artificial intelligence technologies.

Astro for Business was designed to solve the problem of ensuring the safety of inventories in areas up to 5,000 square feet.

The original version of the household robot Astro was presented in September 2021. This product does a good job of monitoring the environment using a rolling ring camera. Also, the original version of the robot can play music and has apps for home healthcare.

It is worth noting that after September 2021, reports circulated in the information space that the e-commerce giant was still looking for an ideal use case for Astro.

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