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Amazon Introduces AI-Powered Security Solution for Business

Amazon has presented a security technology solution that is designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Amazon Introduces AI-Powered Security Solution for Business

The new product is called Astro for Business. This development combines robotics, intelligent security, and artificial intelligence. With this product, consumers can monitor their business around the clock. To solve the corresponding task, they can stay at home. The relevant information is contained in the press release of the e-commerce giant, which was published last Wednesday, November 15.

Amazon reported that Astro for Business uses intelligent motion cameras and periscopes, the process of functioning of which is carried out based on artificial intelligence technology. This development allows businesses to reduce the area of the so-called blind spots. Also, the new technological product ensures the safety of the company’s reserves in areas of up to 5,000 square feet.

The Astro app gives consumers full control over their privacy settings. Also, in this case, a real-time viewing function is provided. Moreover, a new development provides consumers with remote control and two-way communication capabilities.

According to the information contained in the e-commerce giant’s press release, Astro for Business is currently offered only to those consumers who reside in the United States. The company does not say whether this product, which is actually a robot that monitors workflows, will be available in other countries.

Currently, in the United States, the issue of security is an urgent problem for the business sector. Data from the National Retail Federation indicate that businesses suffered losses of $100 million in 2022 for the corresponding reason. Anthony Robson, head of products at Amazon Astro, says that traditional security solutions can be too static or excessively expensive. According to him, the new development of the e-commerce giant will solve this problem.

Anthony Robson stated that Astro for Business, by providing visibility in blind spots and in areas that are not covered by traditional cameras, guarantees business representatives a high level of protection of inventory and property.

Amazon’s press release also contains information that to further improve security, the company will launch additional subscriptions that can be installed on top of the new solution. For example, Ring Protect Pro will provide users with the ability to save the history of video from motion cameras for up to 180 days and synchronize this information with Ring Alarm to receive comprehensive alerts.

Another additional offer of Astro Secure allows you to perform autonomous patrolling and follow individual security-controlling routes. Virtual Security Guard provides professional monitoring services with rapid response agents capable of remotely investigating potential threats of any nature.

Amazon introduced Astro as a home robot in September 2021. This development has gained the ability to control the environment, play music, and serve the app for healthcare.

Astro for Business is available for purchase in the USA at a price equal to $2,349.99. When buying, customers are entitled to a free four-month trial of Ring Protect Pro ($20 per month) and Astro Secure ($60 per month) worth $320.

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