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Anthropic Defends Partnerships With Amazon and Google

Startup Anthropic, which operates in the artificial intelligence industry, said that its decision to cooperate with Google and Amazon guarantees greater independence compared to the state of affairs in the relevant aspect, which would be observed in the case of interaction with only one large technology company.

Anthropic Defends Partnerships With Amazon and Google

In the context of the mentioned statement, OpenAI was mentioned. In this case, the developer of the world’s most popular artificial intelligence-based chatbot called ChatGPT, which is a competitor to Anthropic, was identified as an example of the opposite situation compared to the position in which the startup, designed Claude AI virtual assistant, is.

Dario Amodei, co-founder and chief executive officer of Anthropic, during a conversation with reporters on Thursday, May 9, said that his firm is distinguished by its independence and the choice it made in the context of interaction with large companies.

Amazon, which owns the best American delivery service, and Google and Microsoft have invested billions of dollars in startups operating in the artificial intelligence industry. Business giants provide AI technology developers with vital funding and access to cloud infrastructure services, which is necessary for designing products that require high computing power. At the same time, in the United States and the United Kingdom, local regulators are paying close attention to the relevant cooperation, fearing that this interaction between large companies and startups may become a factor of negative impact on the competition situation in the artificial intelligence area.

Microsoft has committed to invest $13 billion in OpenAI. This technology giant has introduced the mentioned startup’s digital products into almost all segments of its business. Microsoft also had a significant impact on the decision to return Sam Altman to the post of OpenAI CEO after a short-term suspension from office last year.

Anthropic is not so closely tied with its large investors. Google and Amazon have agreed to provide the startup with financing totaling $6 billion. Investors also supply the Anthropic chips and cloud infrastructure necessary for the functioning of artificial intelligence systems. In the coming years, the financial needs of a startup may increase. Dario Amodei stated that it currently costs about $100 million to train AI models developed by Anthropic, noting that this amount could reach $100 billion in the future.

As we have reported earlier, Anthropic Expands Enterprise Offering.

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