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Apple to Power AI Tools With Its Server Chips This Year

The media, citing insiders, reported that this year Apple Inc. will introduce some of its new artificial intelligence features in data centers equipped with its own in-house processors.

Apple to Power AI Tools With Its Server Chips This Year

The mentioned solution, which has not yet been officially confirmed, is part of a massive effort by the Cupertino, California-based technology giant to integrate AI capabilities into its devices.

Insiders claim that the company will place high-quality chips, similar to ones developed for the Mac, on cloud computing servers designed to process the most complex tasks of artificial intelligence. Simpler functions, according to preliminary information, will be processed directly on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. This was also reported by insiders who used the right of anonymity, noting that currently, the relevant information belongs to the classified category.

It is worth noting that Apple has lagged behind other technology giants in the artificial intelligence industry to a certain extent. At the same time, progress in the AI area is what can be called a critical necessity in terms of business viability. In the space of the current configuration of technological reality, artificial intelligence is the main source of momentum for moving forward.

Apple is expected to present an ambitious strategy for the activity in the AI industry at its Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10.

The technology giant’s plan to use in-house chips and process artificial intelligence tasks on cloud platforms was hatched about three years ago. Apple decided to accelerate the process of implementing the relevant intentions after a sharp increase in the popularity of machine intelligence began, largely due to the debut of ChatGPT from OpenAI.

The first server chips with artificial intelligence will be the M2 Ultra, which was launched last year as a component of Mac Pro and Mac Studio. At the same time, the technology giant is already considering future versions based on the microcircuit M4.

After the news about Apple’s intentions in the area of artificial intelligence was published, the company’s share price in trading in New York briefly reached a session high of $184.59.

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