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Anthropic Introduces Paid Plan for Its AI Assistant

The company Anthropic has introduced a tariff plan for its virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence called Claude.

Anthropic Introduces Paid Plan for Its AI Assistant

The Claude Pro tariff plan provides customers, as the firm reported, five times more opportunities to use this configuration of machine intelligence, which is currently available only in the United States and the United Kingdom. The cost of using a virtual assistant in the United States is $20 per month. For the company’s British customers, access to additional features of the artificial intelligence configuration will be provided on condition of a monthly payment, the amount of which is 18 pounds. The relevant information is contained in a message that was published on the official website of Anthropic last Thursday, September 7.

The company’s message also indicates that the brand’s customers who have made a choice in favor of Claude.artificial intelligence as an assistant in solving problems that fall within the range of circumstances of everyday life, mainly justify their decision to such advantages of this digital product as longer contextual windows compared to the proposals of other developers, quick conclusions and the ability to carry out mental activity at a high level of complexity. The firm noted that some users say that they would be happy to increase the number of file downloads and the opportunity to have conversations for a longer period of time.

According to the information contained in the message published on the official website of the company, Claude Pro provides additional options for using the configuration of machine intelligence, including requesting contacts, iterating coding projects, and summarizing research papers. Also, in comparison with the free format of consumer interaction with the digital assistant, the paid tariff provides the ability to send more messages, priority access during periods of high customer activity, and early access to new functions.

The company claims that its AI-based bot was designed to be useful, honest, and not cause any harm. The latest version of Claude 2 was launched in July. This advanced development is a kind of technological response to chatbots ChatGPT from OpenAI and Bard from Alphabet.

Antrophic is a public benefit corporation that was founded in 2021 by OpenAI executives. In August, this brand announced the beginning of a partnership with a Korean company SK Telecom (SKT). The purpose of this cooperation is to create a large language model for the telecommunications sector. Also, as part of the partnership, the Korean company is investing $100 million in an AI developer.

In May, according to the results of the Series C funding round, Anthropic managed to raise $450 million. These funds were spent on improving the digital assistant. The funding round was attended by Salesforce Ventures, Sound Ventures, Zoom Ventures, and Google, which had already invested $300 million in the company this year before the May fundraiser.

In the spring, the firm announced that the funding was material support for further work on the creation of useful, honest, and harmless artificial intelligence systems, including Claude, which has the ability to solve many tasks for processing text materials and spoken speech.

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