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Apple Adds iPhone 14 and New Macs to Self-Service Program

Apple has expanded its Self-Service Repair program, extending it to some of the newest devices from its product line.

Apple Adds iPhone 14 and New Macs to Self-Service Program

The tech giant announced that all versions of the iPhone 14 and new Mac models can now be serviced under this program, which was launched last year and provides anyone with the skills to repair electronic devices with access to manuals, parts, and tools used in the company’s stores and authorized service providers of the brand.

The press release, which was published by the technology giant, also contains information that the process of configuring the company’s smartphone system will be simplified. In this case, it means the setup required after the repair of displays, cameras, and batteries. This process guarantees that troubleshooting actions during which original spare parts were used were carried out according to the algorithm approved by the manufacturer and that the parts are working properly.

Quality assurance is available free of charge to all users of the self-service program by service providers participating in repair offers from Apple.

The configuration of the electronic device system connects biometric sensors with a secure brand enclave on the logic board, as a result of which the security of a smartphone or laptop and confidential customer data is ensured.

Apple’s message indicates that participants in the self-repair program can now initiate system configuration. This can be done by switching the devices to diagnostic mode and following the prompts on the screen. As a result of this solution, users no longer need to contact the support service. At the same time, a team of specialists will get in touch with the client if he needs it.

The launch of Apple’s self-service program became possible as a result of the decision of the US Federal Trade Commission, which was adopted in July 2021 and established the norm that electronics manufacturers cannot limit the repair of customers’ devices by specialists of independent stores.

Experts said that the regulation of the regulator corrected the situation in which it is difficult for small enterprises to compete with large companies that produce products that require complex repairs and significant costs for the corresponding process. This state of affairs led to the fact that in some cases repairs were more expensive than buying a new device.

Programs similar to the one launched by Apple are also available in the list of offers from other major technology companies, including Samsung and Google. Smaller firms, for example, FairPhone and Framework, have made ease of repair the main feature of their devices.

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