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Apple Announces Pre-Halloween Event

The media reports that Apple will offer fans of this brand a kind of gift on the eve of Halloween, which consists of the opportunity to look at the new laptops of the Mac line.

Apple Announces Pre-Halloween Event

This technology giant, according to journalists, published last Tuesday, October 24, sent out an invitation to the event, which will be broadcast on the website of Tim Cook’s company on Monday, October 30. It is expected that during this event, the announcement of laptops will take place. This assumption is based on the fact that the iMac and some Macbooks have not yet received updates this year.

Another noteworthy detail is that in the announcement of the event scheduled for the beginning of next week, it used the slogan Scary Fast. The media suggest that this very abstract formulation may be a kind of hint at the news about chips.

Journalists say that the company can present faster microcircuits M3. In their opinion, the use of new chips can contribute to the growth of sales of Mac devices, which in the second quarter of 2023 showed a decline of 7% year-on-year.

The mentioned event was announced at a time when the technology giant is facing difficulties in China, one of its main markets. In this country, competition from local manufacturers is growing, there is a slow dynamic of the consumer economy and there is an increased interest of regulators, who have announced iPhone security problems, to Tim Cook’s company. Sales of the iPhone 15 in the Chinese market were worse than similar indicators of smartphones of the previous generation.

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