Apple CEO Visits China Amid iPhone Sales Drop

The media reports that Apple CEO Tim Cook visited China, one of the largest markets for the company’s products and an important manufacturing center, as part of an unannounced trip.

Apple CEO Visits China Amid iPhone Sales Drop

Mr. Cook’s trip to the specified Asian country took place against the background of a drop in local sales of smartphones of the iPhone line. Beijing is also currently demonstrating increased control over Apple’s activities. According to media reports, during his visit to China, the head of the company met with high-ranking officials and visited the operating here stores of the technology giant and the factory of the main supplier.

Apple devices are popular in Asian country, but the company faces significant problems in this state, including increased competition from local manufacturers, slow dynamics of the consumer economy, and growing suspicions of the authorities against representatives of the American technology sector.

During the visit, Tim Cook held a meeting with Chinese Trade Minister Wang Wentao, who said that Beijing will continue to expand market access for foreign firms and will create a business environment focused on market principles. The head of Apple said that his trip was a success.

Sales volumes of the new iPhone 15 fell by 10% compared to similar indicators of smartphones of this model of the previous generation. Beijing has also banned government employees from using Tim Cook’s company mobile phones for work.

The media reports that one of the potential options for improving Apple’s position in China is to increase the volume of smartphone shipments to the local market. At the same time, the activities of the technology giant in the Asian country are complicated by such a significant influence factor as geopolitical tensions between Beijing and Washington.

During the visit, Tim Cook announced a donation of 25 million yuan (about $3.4 million) to the China Foundation for Rural Development. Such actions, which have a specific material component, in most cases, are carried out to demonstrate commitment to China and signal readiness to interact with politicians.

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