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OpenAI Executives Say About Potential of AI to Do Any Job

The leaders of OpenAI suppose that over the next ten years, artificial intelligence will receive the abilities and capabilities sufficient to perform any work that is in the space of human activity.

OpenAI Executives Say About Potential of AI to Do Any Job

The corresponding opinion on the prospects for the development of advanced technology was expressed by the CEO of the startup that created the world’s most popular AI-based chatbot, Sam Altman, and the technical director of this company Mira Murati during a speech at the WSJ Tech Live conference. They suppose digital thinking systems will at some point reach the stage of evolution, which can be designated as artificial general intelligence or AGI. The startup executives are convinced that at this level of development, the nature of the work of advanced technology will change.

Sam Altman stated that, in his opinion, AGI will be the best tool. At the same time, he and Mira Murati noted that the issue of technology development should be approached cautiously. They stressed that the creators of the AI of the new version should take into account potential shortcomings, reduce the level of risks, and share security methods with each other. The startup executives assume that these principles of activity will ensure compliance of regulatory and societal infrastructure with the level of technology development.

Also, Sam Altman, commenting on the claims of publishers who are opponents of using their content to train artificial intelligence models, said that as AI improves, it becomes smarter, and its ability to reason increases, which reduces the need for arrays of information to understand the surrounding space.

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