Apple Eyes Historic $3 Trillion Valuation Amid Big Tech Surge

Apple is approaching a historically important moment in its existence, which will be a record indicator of the company’s market value.

Apple Eyes Historic $3 Trillion Valuation Amid Big Tech Surge

Currently, the technology giant is on the threshold of a landmark financial indicator, the achievement of which will increase the status of the brand and become a historic event. In the near future, the company’s market value may reach $3 trillion.

Naturally, in this case, the factor of surprise, the implementation of the least likely scenario of events, and the unexpected occurrence of unforeseen circumstances should not be canceled, but still, the technology giant is confidently moving towards a kind of financial peak. All the listed potential risks in this situation are, rather, something like a specificity built into the program of being, rather than a threat with a high degree of probability of implementation.

Apple’s approach to the coveted indicator is not only a historic achievement of the company but also a landmark event that establishes as an objective and indisputable reality the fact of the unequivocal dominance of big tech on Wall Street.

On Friday, June 30, the tech giant came close to a historic transition. The price of the iPhone manufacturer’s shares on the premarket was $ 190.80, an increase of 0.6%. In this case, an almost guaranteed scenario for the subsequent movement of the dynamics of the financial indicator is the capitalization of shares exceeding $3 trillion. If the historical transition is implemented, the company’s profit will increase by 46% year-on-year.

This year, from the very first days, has become a period of luck and development for the technology giant. Since the beginning of 2023, the company’s value has increased by more than $900 billion. This unambiguously favorable trend for Apple continues to this day and has prospects for continuation, which are not abstract theoretical assumptions, but forecasts based on concrete results.

Jonathan Curtis, director of portfolio management at Franklin Equity, says that for more than a decade the technology giant has been demonstrating successful development, and the reason for this is not the reckless actions of investors, but a business strategy that works. He noted that the company’s revenue plan gives results. Also, according to him, the relationship and interaction of the brand and the consumer in the case of Apple is only getting stronger.

Jonathan Curtis believes that reaching a milestone is a logical step in the process of developing a technology giant. He stated that the company is currently paying dividends that can grow, and has an active share buyback program and a consumer goods-style business platform.

As of today, 2023 is a period of growth for the big tech sector as a whole. The Nasdaq 100 has shown growth of 37% since the beginning of the year. This state of affairs is largely the result of the hype around artificial intelligence. Against the background of the general trend, Apple also has its own advantages, which are revenue sustainability and an extensive user base. The results achieved in the smartphone manufacturing business in 2023 showed a revival and reduced the level of concerns about the growth prospects.

At the beginning of 2022, Apple had a market value of more than $3 trillion for some time. But it was not a steady result, but a momentary surge, after which the process of decline began. For this reason, the next achievement of a landmark mark is a new event, since in this case, it means fixing the result on a more or less long-term basis. Last year’s figure is a bright flash that has not left a single trace behind and currently has absolutely no value and significance in the context of the company’s development.

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