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Apple Invests $1B Annually Into AI Integration

Reportedly, the tech giant Apple aims to integrate generative artificial intelligence (AI) across its whole product line, spending about $1 billion per year on the technology upgrade.

Apple Invests $1B Annually Into AI Integration

According to a Bloomberg report on Sunday (Oct. 22), Apple invests about $1 billion each year to implement generative AI in its full range of offerings. 

Namely, the company’s team is reportedly working on integrating AI capabilities into the proprietary voice assistant Siri, developing its own large language model called Ajax, adding AI to the next version of iOS, and testing an internal chatbot dubbed “Apple GPT.”

In addition, the unnamed sources with knowledge of the matter claim that Apple is experimenting with integrating generative AI into development tools like Xcode and including auto-generated playlists in the Apple Music service. The capabilities of generative AI regarding content generation are also explored for the company’s other apps like Pages or Keynote.

Reportedly, there’s still an internal debate within Apple as to how to deploy generative AI: on-device only, as a cloud-based experience or multi-channel.

We must note that all the media reports on Apple’s AI efforts have yet failed to find official confirmation. The company remains silent about its AI development strategy, acknowledging the potential of the technology, but not making any direct statements. All the information about Apple’s AI tools comes from insider leaks. At the same time, such reports boost investor interest. Thus, back in July, when the first news regarding the company’s AI endeavours appeared, Apple’s shares increased by 2.3%, reaching a record value of $198.23.

Meanwhile, generative AI is widely implemented in all industries possible, starting from retail to healthcare and education.

Multiple media sources have recently reported that the artificial intelligence startup OpenAI was exploring the possibility of developing its own chips for machine intelligence.

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