Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Deliveries Delays to November

The initial delivery dates of the new iPhone 15 Pro, which was presented by Apple this week, were quickly slip well to November.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Deliveries Delays to November

A pre-order for the tech giant’s new flagship device was opened on Friday, September 15. The expected delivery time of smartphones of the new model in the Pro modification indicates a high level of consumer demand for the most expensive smartphone configurations.

Four versions of the iPhone 15 became available for order on September 15 in several countries. The cost of the Pro Max modification starts from $1,199. This smartphone configuration deliveries slip from September 22 to mid-November in the United States. Pre-orders were opened at 5 a.m. California time. Orders for these smartphone modifications were delayed as late as October 16, while the natural and white models were delayed until November 13. Delays affected all memory capacities of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

In China, there were also postponements of deliveries until November of all iPhone 15 Pro Max models. In the UK, some modifications of the new flagship model of the technology giant’s smartphone line are delayed by seven to eight weeks. In Canada, waiting times range from six to seven weeks. In India, delays reach eight weeks for a more limited set of configurations of the new smartphone model.

Waiting times may increase further. The situation will depend on the intensity of placing pre-orders.

Pre-orders for the standard iPhone 15 Pro with a smaller screen also faced delays. The postponement of deadlines affected all colors in some memory capacities. The waiting time for these smartphones, the cost of which starts at $999, is as late as October 9.

The only basic-level iPhone 15 package that has delays is the pink-colored Plus modification with all memory capacities.

Rescheduling towards later dates affects home delivery. At the same time, smartphones can still be picked up from about 270 retail stores of the tech giant in the United States on the first day. The iPhone 15 Pro Max made of natural titanium has probably become the most popular modification of a new-generation smartphone. This assumption is based on the fact that the level of availability of this configuration is the lowest.

The starting price of the Pro Max is $100 more than in 2022. The high level of consumer demand recorded in the framework of pre-orders, according to experts, is evidence that the strategy of the technology giant used in the framework of pricing does not provoke the loss of customers.

At the time of the start of pre-orders, messages were recorded about the inability to leave a request for the purchase of a smartphone within a few minutes. There is also information that the app Apple mobile store was stuck at startup or during the checkout process. These problems were mainly faced by those who tried to exchange their old smartphones or intended to take advantage of the technology giant’s annual upgrade program. Experts believe that these circumstances may be evidence of a high level of initial demand.

The iPhone 15 Pro line marks a significant upgrade compared to the generation of Tim Cook’s company smartphone, which was presented in 2022. The new device received a titanium case. Also, after the generational change, the smartphone got an improved camera zoom and a faster processor based on a 3-nanometer architecture.

The high level of demand for the iPhone 15 is a kind of positive signal for investors, among whom skepticism has recently begun to spread about the prospects for the demand for smartphones of the technology giant. These sentiments are partly the result of the active dissemination in the information space of messages about the restriction of the use of mobile phones of the brand in China. Also, a significant reason for skepticism was the debut of a new Huawei smartphone.

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